Achiever, the habit & goal tracker, is just the first of our products. All other apps will complement each other and together will give a complex solution for significant growth both in personal productivity and in businness.

Achiever Personal

Achiever Personal, Q3 2021

Achiever is an app for managing habits and goal achievement using knowledge about physiology of the brain and "hormones of happiness". Releases as an application for smartphone and iWatch.

Health & energy, life quality growth.

Achiever Strategy

Achiever Strategy, Q1 2022

A desktop app (macOS, Windows, web) for project planning. Decreases the resource requirement, letting you to give up things that are unimportant for goal achievement. Integrates with Achiever, giving you convenient interface to developing complex goals with a lot of interrelated tasks.

More recources for important things, the probability of success increases.

Achiever CCPM

Achiever CCPM, Q3 2023

CCPM - Critical Chain Project Management, the project planning and management technoogy that helps to implement projects in time and in budget. Unites Achiever Strategy and Achiever Finance, integrates with Achiever. Releases as a desctop app (macOS, Windows) and SaaS web-service.

Goals achieved more frequently, faster and with less waste of recources.

Achiever Finance

Achiever Finance, Q4 2022

Money is the next after health recource for personal development and life improvement. Achiever Finance focuses not on your spends but on your future planning to prevent problems. Releases as a desctop app (macOS, Windows), integrates with Achiever.

Less stress due to financial issues.